Cold brewed coffee, infused with hops, served on a nitro tap. It's crazy good!


46 and 2 Brewing LLC was founded by Adam Fleischer, John Hubbard and Zach Tracy. They started experimenting in 2014

and knew they had a great product by 2015, when they formed the company to get the amazing brew out to the world.


46 and 2 Brewing represents the next level in coffee. Research and (sometimes painful) tastings led to an ideal drink combining flavors from craft-roasted coffee and craft brewed beer; fresh hopped, cold brewed coffee flowing from a nitro tap.


It's not a Stout, but it sure pours and cascades like one. It may look familiar, but it's a coffee beverage unlike anything you've ever had.


One unique beverage created by three unique people who are each inspired by the one-of-a-kind environment of Cleveland Heights and Northeast Ohio.


Here's more about the founders:

Zach Tracy likes beer. He's a high school chemistry teacher and advanced home brewer, and he's a customer at Adam's shop. Zach's beers have won awards.


John Hubbard likes coffee. He's an instructional technologist who started roasting coffee at home because he couldn't find any that he liked nearby. Roasting coffee turned into a side business, primarily selling directly to local consumers.


Adam Fleischer likes beer and coffee and runs a Wine and Beer shop. He's a wine aficionado who left a career in sales to pursue his dream of running an independent wine and beer store. Adam's shop has become a community gathering place.


How does the magic happen? Well, we freshly roast selected beans and then cold brewed each batch. Then we infuse whole leaf hops to the brew. Finally, we transfer the it into kegs and pressurize them so they're ready for the tap. There's no heat applied anywhere in our brewing process, which creates a non-traditional flavor profile for both the coffee and the hops. Also, cold brewed coffee is concentrated, so there's a bit more umph to this cup than a hot coffee.


At 46 and 2 Brewing, we push boundaries, taking coffee to the next level.



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